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Book Previews that Walk and Talk
AuthorBytes specializes in creating multimedia productions for your book, akin to trailers that movie studios use to promote a new film. (We've been producing them since 2003, and may have even developed one of the first trailers used to market a major literary fiction author. Click here to learn more).

AuthorBytes trailers bring your book to life by fusing graphics, animation, text, voiceover, and music into a dynamic piece that tells your story in a compelling, memorable fashion. Your audience—the media, booksellers, and the book-buying public—can watch your trailer by clicking a link on your site or clicking a link in an email. See samples of AuthorBytes trailers in our multimedia portfolio.

Productions for All Genres
Fiction authors use AuthorBytes multimedia trailers to pique curiosity and build anticipation about their new books. Non-fiction authors use AuthorBytes trailers to describe their books' unique features and benefits, convey credibility, and build their brand. No matter how complex or esoteric your subject, AuthorBytes multimedia trailers are an effective way to generate an instant "aha" and communicate your key messages to your key audiences.

Whatever your genre, an AuthorBytes multimedia trailer can be an effective vehicle for engaging the media and booksellers and encouraging viewers to order or pre-order your book.

We Take Care of All the Details
We handle all aspects of trailer production, from scripting, storyboarding, and sound track development through multimedia programming and packaging for the Web. If you’re going to record your own script, we’ll work with a local studio; if you’d prefer a professional voiceover artist, we’ll find just the right talent to match your book. Either way, we work closely with you at every step of the project, so the trailer turns out exactly as you'd like it.

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