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Online Promotion and Social Media Marketing

Through our partner network, we provide AuthorBytes clients with a mix of book promotional services that generate buzz for you and your book. These include:

Rapid News Response Service for Authors. If you’re an expert on a topic, we’ll help you respond to breaking news by submitting a focused comment about the story to more than 7,000 media outlets, both national and local. The results can often be dramatic, with clients receiving major media coverage – within minutes of the PR pitch.

Online Media Release Publication. We publish a media release to the Web, stacked with keywords that relate to your topic and Web site. Your media release then appears in Google News—often in the number one position for your keywords or key phrases. The goal is to drive traffic to your site and buyers to their favorite bookseller to purchase a copy of your book.

Bylined Article Placement. We help you craft a bylined article, then submit it to as many as 8,000 print and online media outlets. Note: Our bylined article placement service is NOT the same as sending a canned article to an online article bank, the value of which is dubious. The recipients of our bylined articles are LIVE human beings who evaluate the content. Many actually look forward to receiving our articles on a regular basis!

Blog Assistance. We can teach you the art and science of blogging and even provide you with topics likely to resonate in the blogosphere. Related services include coordinating a blog tour for you and helping you optimize your blog for maximum traction in the blogosphere.