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AuthorBytes takes author podcasting to a new level. We know from analyzing traffic across nearly 100 AuthorBytes sites that podcasts are among the most popular features an author can offer to increase “stickiness” and connect with viewers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive program for creating podcasts that serve as your own online radio show. We’ll package your podcasts in our on-site audio player, then tag them for uploading to iTunes and other podcast aggregators.

From Inspiration to Finished Audio
AuthorBytes has you covered from initial idea all the way through to a professional audio piece you’ll be proud to have on your site. Our process entails the following:
Conceptualization. Anyone can read from his or her book; a great podcast gives listeners solid information on a subject, demonstrates your expertise, and provides insights into how you work as a writer. We’ll brainstorm ideas and help you develop a winning show with ongoing segments that can be deployed during your book tour and afterward to help maintain interest in your book and your work.
Script Editing/Writing. If you need help crafting scripts for your narration, we’ll provide an editor or writer to lend a hand. We work with professionals who understand the art and science of good talk and can help you shape your podcasts into audio features that delight your listeners.
Rehearsal. We’ll listen to you rehearse your scripts and make suggestions for timing, pacing, and effective delivery. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to record like a pro.
Recording. We recommend recording your podcasts in a professional audio studio. We can help locate one in your area and will work with the studio’s engineers to ensure that your recordings meet our needs; whenever possible we’ll tie into the recording session via phone and help produce the recordings. (If you can create your own audio files, we’ll work with you to ensure that they meet our specs for quality recording.)
Audio Editing. Even the best podcasts need light editing to “sweeten” your voice, smooth your breaths, and remove “noise.” Our team of audio editors will refine your recordings and polish your show. 
Create Signature Music. We work with sound artists who can develop custom “signature” openings or theme music for your podcast productions. While this step is optional, custom music adds to the richness of your podcast series and further separates your podcasts from run-of-the mill author audio clips.
Packing for the Web. We’ll embed the finished audio files into the AuthorBytes Podcast Player, which will display on your site. (We can match the player’s “skin” to your site’s colors or even design a custom look and feel just for you.)
Upload Tagged Files to iTunes. We’ll prepare your files for uploading to iTunes so people can download them to their MP3 players or subscribe to your series.

Whether you choose a simple format or an extensive production with theme music, your AuthorBytes podcasts will stand out from the crowd and provide a memorable listening experience for your site visitors.
Get started—contact AuthorBytes today!